1,300-HP Mercury Comet Crash Loudly Due to Brake Failure


Twenty-three years, more than 200 thousand dollars, and two wives – this was the cost of restoring and modifying this 1,300 horsepower Comet Mercury. All well and good for YouTubers AutotopiaLA because they show cars. However, the situation took a turn for the worse at the point where they had to drive the car down the road.

Just a little warning, though – the video is a bit self-explanatory but we think we can learn a thing or two from this encounter.

First, let’s talk about the car. It was a 1964 Mercury Comet restoration and modification project, powered by a 632 Merlin large-block Chevy V8 engine with a 1471 BDS supercharger, with a total output of 1,300 hp. The kicker, however, is that the brakes were done 17 years ago. Stover realized this and said he should have braked the car more. We agree.

Presenter and Stover proceeded to pilot the Comet for the rolling shot. They decided not to use the harness and just use the lap belt as they were only going to sail to shoot. However, Stover later mentioned that he hit the brakes due to the gas pedal at 2,200 rpm and experienced a spike in idle. The presenter even kissed the brakes at one point.

Then, a terrible accident happened. The Comet lost its braking power, crashed into the minivan, and grazed another car – the other two cars innocently waiting at the traffic light. The presenter banged his face against the metal dashboard while the owner suffered an arm injury as he straightened his arm to withstand the impact.

There are things we (and Stover) should take away from this incident. If there is a seat belt or seat belt, use it; there’s a good reason they were created. Furthermore, never neglect the brakes. The fact that the car produces more than 1,000 hp means it requires an equally strong stopping force, which this car does not achieve. Both lessons must be filled in for safety, and this video should prove it.

We’re sure the car owner and presenter are both fine at this time, but we’re sure the other car’s passengers are also fine and will be compensated for the damage. There’s no mention of them in the video (if there is, we missed it and that’s saying something).


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