Mansory F8XX Ferrari F8 Tributo Goes Wild With Spider Version

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Last year, Mansory introduced the Ferrari F8 Tributo. Dubbed the F8XX, the Italian sports car received relatively good upgrades inside and out, along with a power bump befitting its looks. Now, the Brand-based tuning company is back on the F8XX drawing board for another F8XX based on the F8 Tributo Spider.

Unlike its F8XX and Catania Green coupes, the F8XX Tributo Spider sports a Mansory version of British Racing Green with a satin finish. Meanwhile, the gold stripes on the coupe were replaced with yellow racing stripes. The large F8XX badge on the doors has been retained for the Spider, along with the 21-inch and 22-inch YT.5 Air wheel sets.

All additional coupe parts are retained on the F8XX Spider, including a high dose of carbon fiber for the front splitter, rear diffuser, and side skirts, as well as two separate L-shaped wings that look like insect antennae.

But that’s not the wild part yet. Mansory becomes a full Mansory by giving the F8 Tributo Spider an interior that matches the exterior color. that means the seats, the steering wheel, the dashboard and even the seat belts – basically, everything comes in a combination of the British Racing Green and yellow racing stripes.

If you’re not a fan of flashy styling, you’ll probably like the fact that these upgrades aren’t all there is to it. Mansory updates the F8XX with a new turbocharger and high-performance downpipes, increasing power from 720 horsepower (536 kilowatts) and 567 pound-feet (770 Newton-meters) of torque to 880 hp (656 kW) and 722 lb-ft (980 Nm) of torque. .

Mansory didn’t reveal pricing for the F8XX Spider but knowing the German tuner, it won’t be cheap.


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