New Jayco North Point Trailer Has A Very Impressive Kitchen

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What are you looking for in a motor home or even a travel trailer? Many places? Of course. High quality materials? If the budget allows, why not. Nice kitchen? Of course.

If you’re like us who appreciate great kitchen settings, then you should check out Jayco’s North Point trailer. YouTuber Josh the RV Nerd at RV Bish takes us on a tour in this large yet luxurious travel trailer to see what a $100,000 wheeled house looks like in a cabin. For someone who spends a lot of time preparing meals for the family, I really like this kitchen setup.

Jayco North Point Travel Trailer Floor Plan

I love how there is a clear distinction between the living room and kitchen inside this large RV. The latter is slightly elevated, reinforcing the division brought about by the placement of chairs and dining tables. The floor plan above gives you a preview, but the video at the top of this page shows an in-depth look.

The refrigerator is perhaps the crown jewel of this kitchen. This is an 1800W 21 cu inverter. ft. Residential refrigerator with four doors, perfectly fits 30-inch residential microwave and 24-in Insignia hob with 12,000 BTU high output burner. Even kitchen countertops are top notch, along with smart use of storage space and expandable areas.

Another thing we love about this kitchen setup is how the power sockets are positioned where you want them if you use appliances like a food processor or even a coffee maker. There are also windows by the sink, stove, and counter, which should be great for keeping you from feeling stuck in a corner while doing your work.

There’s another impressive feature of the Jayco North Point travel trailer, which has a starting price of $106,500. We know, that’s a lot of money, but given what it can offer, it should be money well spent on a house on wheels.


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