New Hummer EV Produces More Emissions Than Gas-Powered Sedan

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When it comes to attractive EVs, it’s hard to beat the new GMC Hummer. The new GMC Hummer is General Motors’ show of how far it can push EV technology. These technological marvels can yield impressive results and capabilities, but the GMC Hummer doesn’t live up to the promise of electric vehicles to reduce emissions.

New big Hummers seem to emerge whenever the economy is at its peak and go on sale just in time for the impending recession. It’s no secret that the Hummer name is associated with off-road decadence rather than efficiency, however, this time around, with its EV powertrain, the new GMC Hummer is set to be the first eco-friendly Hummer made.

According to a study by ACEEE, a non-profit research organization focused on reducing energy waste and negating the impacts of climate change, the new GMC Hummer EV is not as green as it looks. Their research shows that the small Bolt EV emits 92 grams of carbon dioxide per mile while the new Hummer EV is responsible for 341 grams of carbon dioxide per mile.

While the number of Hummer EVs is much higher than the smaller EVs, it’s important to note that the Hummer EV is a performance machine built specifically to get people excited about electric trucks.

This 1,000-horsepower off-road powerhouse can emit 21 grams of carbon dioxide per mile more than the petrol Chevy Malibu, but the Chevy Malibu can’t do 0 to 60mph in 3.0 seconds. The new Hummer EV is also much more efficient than the original Hummer H1 which emits 889 grams of carbon dioxide per mile.

In our review of the Hummer EV, we were blown away by the capabilities of this massive engine. Of course the Hummer EV is not an eco-friendly vehicle, but that only makes it a true Hummer product. Hummer EV only uses EV technology to deliver a more capable engine while reducing emissions compared to previous Hummers such as the gas-intensive H1.


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