Inevitable Nissan Z Nismo Fiction Rendering Video Preview

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The Nissan Z looks elegantly clean and simple, but that doesn’t mean the new Z car doesn’t have what it takes to look filthy and crazy. With the help of technology, YouTubers hycade gives us an idea of ​​what the Nissan Z Nismo will look like.

The unofficial rendering video above is a fictitious walkaround video of the YouTuber version of the Nissan Z Nismo. The sports car envisioned looks a lot different than the standard one, especially with the wider track and aggressive body kit found throughout the vehicle. For what it’s worth, we think the gray looks special.

While Nissan hasn’t announced the official arrival of the hotter Z car yet, this fictionalized version should whet your appetite if you’re in the market for one. Or it can also be a template for tuners who want to get the latest Z car. It’s unavoidable, but it’s not a bad thing.

But if you’re looking to buy genuine parts, Nismo has announced its first official upgrade for the new Z in the form of a center pipe and rear exhaust set, with exhaust hoods emblazoned with the Nismo logo and sporty rivets.

Nissan also showcased two Z racing concepts for the Fuji 24-Hour Endurance Race last June. The two race cars were dressed conservatively, both sporting stickers and large wings. However, one of the racing concepts, the Nissan Z 230 race car, is equipped with a carbon-neutral fuel (CNF) compatible engine. This is a testbed because Nismo will apply what it will learn about CNF-compatible powertrains, which will be applied to future developments.

We’ll know more about the development of the Z car in the next few months or years. For now, let’s lean on the idea that a rougher-looking version is possible.


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