The Modular Xbus Is What The Electric Compact Camper Dreams Are Made Of

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With the advent of electric trucks, wouldn’t you want to have a truck that can be turned into anything at any time? We’re talking about modularity, of course. And while most automakers have introduced versions of their own modular platforms for EVs, no single brand has introduced a platform that you can swap at will – none, except Germany’s EletricBrands and its Xbus.

Introduced last year, the Xbus has a basic platform and several variants for customers to choose from. One of the variants is the camper with a length of 3,945 millimeters (12.9 ft), a width of 1,690 mm (5.5 ft), and a height of up to 1,990 mm (6.5 ft).

This is what ElectricBrands advertises on its website:

Do you need an XBUS for personal use, or for your business, but on the weekends you want to go camping with your friends? Find a modular variant and make the XBUS your personal vehicle with the benefits you so desperately need.

Despite its size, the Xbus compact motorhome can accommodate two people, while also offering amenities such as a space-saving kitchen with a sink, fridge, hob hob, TV and fresh water tank. More importantly, the camper is equipped with rooftop solar for its three modules, generating up to 800 watts of electricity per hour.

As for the battery, the Xbus offers a standard battery capacity of 10 kWh with an estimated range of 124 miles (200 kilometers). You have the option to add up to 30 kWh more for extra juice for a longer 373 mile (600 km) trip.

Xbus buyers also have a choice between standard and off-road variants to ensure your modular camper fits your tastes and needs. The electronically controlled all-wheel drive system features an electric motor that restores power with a torque output of over 738 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-meters).

Base models of the Xbus start at £17,526.05 or about $21,000. The Xbus Camper, on the other hand, has a sticker price starting at £29,727.73 (~$35,760). The company says customer deliveries will begin in 2023.


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