This Immaculate 1999 Lexus LS Is A True Luxury Time Machine


Cars rarely stay in like-new condition for very long. Bad weather, everyday use, and general neglect can leave even the most glossy makes and models stained, rusty, and in desperate need of repair. However, one 1999 Lexus LS 400 escapes the harsh reality that many quarter-century-old cars endure thanks to its conscientious owners – a father and then a son.

The pristine Lexus LS is the focus of The Car Care Nut’s latest video, which provides a comprehensive overview of the car’s interior, exterior and undercarriage. The car looks immaculate in the video, and one would need a microscope to spot any exterior imperfections, which exist. However, the owner is taking care to fix it.

The exterior of the 23-year-old car does not show its true age and hides it in the cabin as well. The leather seats are still soft and free from cracks or creases. The floor mats are not only original but also look like they have never been used. There are no visible scratches on the trim either.

Meticulous condition of the trunk where the original tool kit is still in, with a working flashlight. Luggage carpet shows some signs of previous use, but no significant wear is visible. The engine bay looks like the car just rolled off the assembly line. The plastic cover is clean, and there is no sign of rust. The car still has the VIN sticker under the hood.

The spot where the Lexus is starting to show signs of age is underneath, but that’s just a faint clue. The suspension and exhaust parts have rust on the surface, but that’s to be expected for a 24-year-old car and its components. The exposed body parts are in excellent condition, and the car continues to use its original Toyota-branded exhaust system.

It’s revealed at the end of the video that the car has spent a lot of time in Iowa and Illinois, which are known for harsh weather conditions and rust, but the Lexus is an example of what is possible when owners maintain their vehicles. And this is not a car the owner keeps in the garage. It has 141,000 miles on the odometer, which is a low for this old car which means a lot for any vehicle, regardless of age.


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