Donda Kanye West Company Teases Cars Made Of Foam

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Kanye West will always be part of the conversation when it comes to the world of American celebrity. With over 12 million followers on Instagram as of this writing, the rapper has done a lot in his career, including putting on the popular Yeezy shoes.

Now, it looks like Ye is entering the automotive industry with his company Donda Industrial Design. The news emerged when Donda teased a vehicle through shadow images published by several media (see image at the top of this page). The image comes with a caption that says:

Donda Foam Vehicle. Conceptualized, designed, manufactured in the United States. Amen.

First, let’s talk about vehicles. The image shows a polygonal car with large wheels at both ends, leaving no room for overhangs. The wheels look like those found on the airless Michelin Uptis tires.

Meanwhile, the vehicle’s greenhouse is almost non-existent, only lowered to the front end. There’s not much to say about the teaser except that it looks like a concept for now – and a polarizing one at that.

Donda’s foam vehicle teaser comes with an announcement. Sneaker designer Steven Smith was appointed by West as head of Industrial Design for Donda, which will reportedly build the foam vehicle.

Smith is a veteran in the shoe industry, writing iconic shoes in the process. He started as a designer for New Balance in 1986 and then went on to work for companies – such as Adidas, Reebok, Fila, and Nike – filling his portfolio with iconic shoes.

Smith’s most recent work with Kanye was with the Yeezy line and now, as head of Donda Industrial Design. He would work out of sneakers at Donda, primarily on furniture, vehicles, and more.


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