Two Trailer Towing Truck And SUV Is A Vague Road Trip


Before we launch into the curious video embedded below, let’s review some towing terminology. If you are a professional truck driver, you may refer to towing two trailers as double. In the RV world, it’s usually called triple towing, as it involves a total of three units. What we have here, however, is quadruple towing – main towing vehicle with three connected units. And from what we saw in the video, the driver didn’t really slow down.

This clip is from TikTok account brettbarloww. Based on the type of tow vehicle, the style of the license plate, and the mention of M1 in the video description, we assume this highway train was spotted on an M1 motorway somewhere in the UK. The assumption is owned by TireMeetRoadwho has his own account of this quadruple crane as well as some insight into whether it’s legal or not.

As well as looking pretty sketchy – there’s a bit of flogging in the convoy which is a bit scary – we suspect the question of legality is the main response from people watching this clip. This is of course a hot topic in the comments on the video, but TireMeetRoad mentions a section of UK law called Showman vehicles that does not limit the number of trailers towed. As long as the trailer is not a cargo carrier and has some size of living accommodation in it (like in a camper trailer), then the number doesn’t matter.

However, what matters is the length. According to British regulations, The total length of the Showman vehicle must not exceed 22 meters (72 feet). That includes tow vehicles, and if this particular setup doesn’t exceed that mark, it’s very close. That Pinecreek triple-axle travel trailer is likely 35 feet long on its own, and beyond that, towing as such is limited to 40 mph on the highway. We obviously don’t know how fast this quadruple rig goes, but it was caught on camera hammering the M1 in the fast lane.

In the United States, triple towing in an RV is only legal in certain states, let alone quad towing. It’s hoping these drivers reach their destination safely, but embarking on such a crane adventure isn’t something we’re looking to try any time soon.


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