Volkswagen Rules Out Amarok SUV To Fight Ranger-Based Everest


Ford signed a partnership with Volkswagen in 2020, which led to the two sharing a platform for their pickup truck. Ford offered the Ranger, while VW produced the Amarok. We saw Ford’s debut earlier this year, and VW unveiled the equivalent earlier today. However, Volkswagen has no plans to offer an SUV version of the Amarok like the Ford Ranger, which the Blue Oval refers to as the Everest.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles board member for marketing Lars Krause said this week that the company has no plans to make an SUV from the new Amarok. Instead, the company is focused on offering a robust range of accessories, such as hardtop canopies, for off-roader enthusiasts and customers. Based on, Krause said this week that the company believes pickups are the best at “delivering value to our customers.”

Ford unveiled the revamped Everest in March, just weeks before revealing a Ranger pickup in the same style. While the new Ranger will arrive in the US, along with the guise of the high-powered Raptor, Ford has no plans to add an SUV to its American portfolio. Ford’s current lineup is full of crossovers and SUVs, and there’s not much room for another entry.

Ford and Volkswagen detailed their partnership in 2020, detailing the models the two will collaborate on in production and sales. The merger was supposed to produce a cargo van and a city van for both, with Ford developing the cargo van and VW developing the other. Ford will also get a new EV based on VW’s MEB architecture which the two developed together.

While Volkswagen isn’t considering an Amarok-based SUV right now, that doesn’t mean one might not come later. Automakers are constantly evaluating their portfolios and future product lines and adjusting to meet demand. The growing adoption of EVs has Volkswagen considering the all-electric Amarok, which could spawn a Ranger equivalent, so nothing is set in stone.


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