Honda Accord Renderings 2024 Preview Redesign Next-Gen Sedan

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There’s a new Honda Accord on the way, and we caught a glimpse of it late last month. Honda covered it with camouflage wrap, but an unofficial rendering of the try to see the new design.

The spy shots don’t provide much detail, but it looks like the new Accord will be the same size as the previous model. However, Honda will be redesigning it drastically, and renderings show the sedan with styling cues taken from the new Civic. The new Accord will receive sleek headlights, a sizable grille, and a sleek lower bumper. The spy shot shows the car with camouflage on the grille, but this rendering ignores it.

At the rear, the Honda retains a swooping roofline, something camouflage cannot hide. However, we expect the rear of the Accord to follow the front with a more mature design, adopting the style of the Civic taillights. The rendering shows the Accord with a light bar connecting the taillights, which is a possible styling feature. The spy shot shows a trunk with something in between the lighting elements.

It is possible that Honda will retain the current platform for the next-generation model, which would likely mean the current engine selection carried over to the new sedan. Honda offers the current Accord with a 192-horsepower (143-kilowatt) 1.5-liter four-cylinder or a 252-hp (187-kW) four-cylinder. Honda is also offering the Accord Hybrid, which produces 212 hp (158 kW), and the automaker could make some adjustments to the new model.

Spy shots only capture the exterior of the car, so we haven’t seen the interior of the Accord yet. However, we expect Honda to make some significant changes. It could follow the Civic and receive a cleaner design with updated infotainment technology.

Honda hasn’t announced when it will reveal the new Accord, but the company says that the next-generation Accord Hybrid will debut in 2023 after the CR-V Hybrid. The electrified crossover debuts later this year for the 2023 model year, likely setting up the Accord to arrive sometime next year for 2024.


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