New Honda Civic Type R Color Leaks Ahead of its Debut

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Honda certainly looks dramatic with its new Civic Type R. The next-generation hot hatchback recently made its official debut in the United States, though it’s still in disguised prototype form. Prior to that, it debuted in January at the Tokyo Auto Salon – also still a test car wrapped in camo. Going back even further, we have an unofficial spy shot and an official teaser of a nearly one year old Civic.

Now, we at least have some concrete information to share, although it’s unconfirmed and unofficial. A post for Civic11Forum claims to list the Type R’s available exterior colors at launch. Universally accepted shades of black, white and gray are on the list. Blue and red join the mix to add some actually colors, but if this post is accurate, that’s all you’ll get for at least the first year. Sorry, Phoenix Yellow fans. Looks like you will miss the first round.

For the available colors, the official names are Championship White, Rallye Red, Sonic Gray Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, and Boost Blue Pearl. Regardless of the exterior color, every new Civic Type R will have the same interior in black and red. The exact pattern of this two-tone combination is still unknown.

The information appears to have come from a deleted Twitter post. The screenshot in the forum post shows what appears to be a back-end order screen listing the colors, but until Honda finally reveals the new Type R, we can’t be entirely sure that this is a legit color available at launch.

Therein lies the very important question – when will the 2023 Civic Type R finally, officially, debut? We think it will come towards the end of June, or at least that’s what a Honda executive from Australia said in May. We had our suspicions about it when we learned that the Type R would make its first appearance in the US on the first weekend of July, still draped in camouflage. Events have come and gone, with the prototype Type R camo turning the rounds in Mid-Ohio ahead of last weekend’s Indy race.

Honda’s US headquarters are also in Ohio, so there’s bound to be some symmetry with the Type R showing off on the “local” track. We also think it might be an indication of an official debut, although that hasn’t happened yet. Whether supply chain issues or the resurgence of COVID-10 caused the delay is unknown, but Honda has promised to sell the Civic by the end of the year. That means debut must happen immediately.


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