Porsche Macan EV Spying Debut A Few Inches Closer

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The development of the Porsche Macan EV continues. This pre-production example is on its way in Austria. The vehicle sports a bit of cladding and camouflage, but we can still see the upcoming electric crossover.

The Macan EV features split headlights. The light above has four horizontal LED strips. Porsche tried to disguise this area with a completely fake sticker. There is additional lighting at the top of the trapezoidal area in the lower fascia.

Porsche put the cover for the faux grille at the front. We expect this area to be closed to production vehicles. The active blade in the lower fascia opens to become the main air intake.

Along the sides, the vehicle has glued panels that camouflage the underside of the doors. There’s another piece of concealment that hides the shape of the back door window and the roofline there.

At the rear, you can easily see the active Macan EV spoiler located at the base of the rear window on the hatchback. You can see the band holding the large panel back. There are thin taillights on each side and a smaller light in the middle.

Porsche continues to attach fake exhaust pipes to the rear of its Macan EV development vehicles. We don’t expect the production model to have these elements because it doesn’t make sense on an electric vehicle.

While not seen here, a number of previous spy shots get a good look into the cabin of the Macan EV. It has a digital instrument cluster. There’s a rectangular infotainment display in the middle stack. The screen for HVAC control is on the bottom of the console.

The Macan EV uses the Volkswagen Group’s Premium Platform Electric platform. We don’t know the specifics of the powertrain, but single-motor, rear-drive and dual-motor, all-wheel-drive variants should be available. The base supports 350 kilowatts of charging.

Look for the Tiger EV to debut in late 2022. Sales will begin during calendar year 2023.


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