Dodge Challenger Is Ready To Camp In Style With Sleek Travel Trailer


Travel trailers and the vehicles towing them are rarely designed together. Trailers often follow a one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to styling, but a new rendering from Timothy Adry Emmanuel shows what’s possible if the two were designed together. Emmanuel paired the Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Shaker Widebody with a sleek travel trailer that matched the Challenger’s rugged aesthetic.

The trailer does more than match the paint and lines of the Challenger, as the trailer’s overall shape exudes performance. The overhang sits nicely on the Challenger’s slanted rear window and trunk lid, creating a smooth transition from the roof to the trailer. The subtlety is visible at the rear, where the roof slopes downwards onto the taillights, which mimic the design of the Challenger taillights. Even the lower rear bumper of the trailer looks like it was inspired by the Challenger.

The line that ran from the Dodge to the trailer ran the length of the trailer, growing wide towards the roof. It helps connect the two, as does rich red paint. The render doesn’t show the interior, but the exterior shows two doors, windows, awning, exterior storage, and a TV.

The Challenger’s wider track – at 3.5 inches – and the shaker hood, which hides the 485-horsepower (361-kilowatt) V8, give the pair an overall menacing demeanor that harks back to the icon. Chevrolet Tri-Five. Emmanuel wanted to add a Mopar spin to an era when cars were considered a little more utilitarian than they are today.

Unfortunately, this is just a rendering of a neat idea that is unlikely to see reality any time soon. While camping and travel trailers are huge these days, so are the crossovers, SUVs, and trucks that are now towing them. Don’t bet to see Challengers pulling up anytime soon, but if you want to pull with Dodge and have some power, the company offers the Durango Hellcat.


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