2023 Chevrolet Corvette Configurator Updated, Still Not Showing Z06


Chevrolet took sweet time with the last detail on the C8 Corvette Z06. It debuted in October 2021, went on sale this summer, and we permanent do not know how much the price of the supercar. But we could be very, very close to finding out. Among other things, Chevrolet has revamped the Corvette’s website and online configurator, no doubt making room for the Z06 which, for now, is still alive online in the future car segment.

It also means we still can’t configure the Z06 to our liking, but the Stingray is fair game. Before we configure, let’s talk about the awesome Corvette video timeline running across the top of the model page. Starting with the 2023 Stingray, we jump back into the C7 Stingray from 2014, the 2002 Z06, 1994 ZR-1, 1987 Convertible, 1977 Corvette, 1967 Corvette 427, and the original C1 from 1953. But wait, Chevrolet. You gave us two C4 models (1987 and 1994) but completely skipped the C6 Corvette from 2005 to 2013. Is the 638-horsepower C6 ZR1 not good enough to mention?

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But baby, we strayed.

The configurator currently lists both a coupe and a convertible version of the Stingray, though they’ve cost a bit more since we last looked at pricing in March 2022. The base $61,900 price is the same, but Chevrolet has raised the mandatory destination fee to $1,395. The cheapest C8 now costs $63,295, which still gets you a 490 horsepower version of the 6.2-liter V8, GT1 electric seat, and Bose stereo. This is not a barebones machine. However, click every option on the 3LT model, and you’ll be past $100,000.

The question burning in the minds of Corvette fans and potential buyers is, will the new Z06 also be a six-figure engine? In the up-spec trim it should definitely outpace even the most expensive Stingray, but it might start in the five-figure territory. Chevrolet previously said the price difference between the C8 Z06 and the Stingray would be similar to the C7 model. That would suggest a starting price of the Z06 at around $93,000, but again, the Chevy executive who said that also said official pricing info would be coming soon. It was in December 2021 – almost six month ago.

However, with the 2023 Stingray now in production and summer just around the corner, we really think Chevrolet is ready to lower the price of the Z06. Will it be a crazy 670-hp supercar starting under $100,000? Stay tuned.


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