New Alfa Romeo Tonale Teaser Shows Glimpse Of Veloce Trim


There’s another teaser for the Alfa Romeo Tonale. This time around, the company showed off the rear, including a bit of taillights, badges, and Veloce badges. Italian brand calls model launch La Metamorphosiswhich means this is a “metamorphosis” for the Italian brand.

The 14-second video (embedded below) begins with a glimpse of the Alfa Romeo badge with the red taillight behind it and the Tonale badge beneath these elements. The clip is then clipped onto the Veloce badge to identify the vehicle’s trim level.

Another teaser for the Tonale shows the crossover grille, seats and steering wheel, front trim, and taillights. If you’re tired of these glimpses, the good news is that the vehicle finally debuts at 9:00 a.m. EST on February 8. However, the automaker has a few days to release a shorter look at the model.

Spy shots (like the one above) offer a better idea of ​​what Tonale looks like, as opposed to official teasers. It features the brand’s trademark shield-shaped grille and wide intakes in the lower fascia. In profile, this vehicle has a rounded shape. The rear features full-width cover taillights.

Leaked info suggests the Tonale’s base engine is a turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine that produces around 130 horsepower (97 kW). The mild hybrid version of this powertrain will push output to around 160 hp (119 kW). The range-topping factory is allegedly a plug-in hybrid with an electric motor powering the rear axle and producing around 240 hp (179 kW).

After debuting on February 8, expect the Tonale to go on sale in the United States before the end of the year. It fits under the Stelvio in the Alfa lineup, so expect pricing to undercut the larger crossover as well.


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