Porsche Macan EV Spied Showing Styling Differences Between Trim Levels

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This new spy photo gallery gives us the best look at the interior of the upcoming Porsche Macan EV. Several development vehicles flaunted a different front bumper design for the electric crossover.

The cabin of this Tiger EV is still in some camouflage, but the instrument panel and parts of the center console are visible in these photos. The cluster has three circular gauges with the speedometer in the middle. The display on the left is currently for tire pressure, but the details don’t appear. The one on the right has the error message, which is commonly seen on unfinished development vehicles like this one.

The driver holds the three-spoke steering wheel. There is a multifunctional control of each horizontal section. The circular drive mode selector is at the bottom right.

Two of the photos offer a glimpse of the infotainment screen. Only part of the “H” and “E” of the Porsche emblem is visible.

The top of the center console has a digital display for HVAC settings and heated/ventilated seat settings. A row of physical toggle switches is below this info. Capacitive buttons for things like defroster and air recirculation are on the bottom row.

This development vehicle has a series of emergency stop buttons on the center console. Obviously, this will be absent in the production version.

Porsche Macan EV Spy Exterior Photos
Porsche Macan EV Spy Exterior Photos

The vehicles in the Tiger fleet sport two different front fascia designs (see comparison above). The model on the left has a trapezoidal section on each side that doesn’t reach the bottom of the splitter. This section is wider and longer in the design on the right. We suspect one is a base trim, and the other is a Turbo grade.

The horizontal bar in the lower fascia can open. In some photos, we see them in a position that lets air through. One image even shows a situation where one side is open and the other is closed.

At the rear, the Macan EV has an active spoiler on the hatchback under the window. Porsche continued to attach fake exhaust pipes to the bumpers, but they weren’t fooling anyone.

The Macan EV will use the Premium Platform Electric which will be used by the top brands of the Volkswagen Group. This model will debut in late 2022 and will go on sale during calendar year 2023.

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