Aston Martin Says No To More SUVs, Lagonda ‘Further Down The Road’


With the DBX707, Aston Martin launches its most powerful sports vehicle. The DBX family is currently the best-selling brand nameplate and we have little reason to believe that this will change any time soon. This brings up the inevitable question – is the Gaydon-based automaker planning another SUV? Turns out the answer was negative.

Tobias Moers, CEO of Aston Martin, confirmed that the brand will not launch another utility model. Moers was happy to answer a few of our questions during the roundtable for the new DBX707 and we really wanted to know if the DBX could get its smaller or bigger sibling.

“Smaller? Nothing we’d go to and compete with. And a long wheelbase? Maybe not an area where performance and ultra-luxury combine, so we’ll leave the long wheelbase with someone else,” Moers explained. Simple and clear – no more SUVs from Aston Martin.

But what about the promised return of Lagonda? Former CEO Andy Palmer told reporters in February 2020 that an EV version of the Lagonda could launch after 2025, and it seems the new boss has similar plans. Without going into specifics or an exact timetable, Moers said Lagonda’s return was “further still”.

“We will defend it. We have to reach a clear understanding of what Aston Martin stands for, for the future. This [Lagonda] do something with the brand, so we have to get it done and we have to create a new understanding of Aston Martin, be competitive, be at the forefront of technology, be at the pinnacle of performance and set benchmarks or compete within those benchmarks. So maybe further, but not for now,” Moers told us.


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