Eos-12 Off-Road Camper Trailer Features Big Bed In Small Package


Planning an off-road adventure with camping in mind? Boreas Campers has a new camper trailer called the Eos-12 that can be customized to suit your needs. Even better, it’s built hard to hit uncharted roads, making it an all-round companion for your off-grid trips.

Previously called XT-12, Boreas Eos-12 was named after the Greek goddess who happened to be the mother of Boreas. Mythology aside, the Eos-12 comes with a powder-coated steel chassis, all-terrain tires and an independent Cruisemaster suspension setup that allows 20 inches of ground clearance. It doesn’t use wood either, which eliminates the possibility of rot and decay over time.

At about 19 feet long, 7.1 feet wide, and up to 7.6 feet high (with the roof extending upwards), the Eos-12 is relatively compact. It also weighs 3,700 pounds, so it’s light and easy to tow by any pickup truck or SUV.

“We are excited to debut the Eos-12 Hybrid and reach new markets including individuals and families who want to get off their adventure track but want the comfort of a vehicle that allows them to stand up and take advantage of indoor wet conditions. take a shower,” said Boreas Campers owner Matt Reichel.

Full specs are listed on the Boreas Camper website via the source link below, but notable features of the Eos-12 include up to 6 feet and 6 inches of standing space with an extended roof. There is also a bed and board for up to five (one child) with a permanent queen size bed and a double rollaway bed. As seen in the photos provided, the bathroom is also quite spacious.

The Boreas Eos-12 off-road camper trailer retails for $74,990. The company said customer deliveries will begin in the fourth quarter of this year.


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