Bugatti Chiron Roof Costs More Than A New Toyota Supra


Owning a Bugatti is probably one of the most expensive pleasures a human can enjoy. One very basic annual maintenance operation, for example – an oil change – costs over $25,000, and this is just a fraction of the money you would have to spend every 12 months to keep your French supercar in tip-top shape. Things get more serious if you damage the exterior.

Let’s imagine that you’ve scratched the roof of your shiny Bugatti Chiron but you don’t want to go to the brand’s official store just to save a few bucks. One option is to repaint the panels but if the damage is too deep, there is no other choice but to replace them. And then, again, if you decide to do the repair yourself, there are now roof assemblies available on the internet to support your endeavors.

SupercarBlog lead us to a ads on Instagram published by SGR Automotive a few days ago, which listed the Bugatti Chiron roof assembly. We don’t know what the source of this component is, but the seller says it’s an OEM part in perfect condition. The photos available do show the mint roof assembly finished in blue with no markings on the paint or carbon fiber structure.

It’s important to note that on the Chiron, the roof assembly is more than just a simple panel covering the passenger compartment. Within the supercar, it plays an integral role in the Chiron monocoque and is a structural member of the entire vehicle. Needless to say, even minimal imperfections in its carbon fiber structure can negatively affect the Chiron’s road behavior in corners.

SGR Automotive wants $55,000 for roof assembly. Sure, that’s enough money to buy you a new, well-defined 2022 Toyota Supra, but in the world of Bugatti, 55 grand is almost nothing. If this roof assembly is indeed an OEM component, it might be worth the money, considering the new fuel tank costs $20,000, plus $22,000 to replace it.


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