Mazda6 Unofficial Rendering Imagines RWD Sedan With CX-60 Design Cues


The long-rumored Mazda6 with rear-wheel drive was sidelined earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped one from imagining what it might look like. This time, College put out a fictional rendering of the upcoming Mazda6 using the automaker’s latest design language – and we liked what we saw without some reservations.

Unlike the previous renderings we’ve seen, which are an evolution of the current Mazda6 kodo arrangement, CollegeRenderings take from the design of the CX-60. That clue is seen through the front fascia, narrow headlights and taillights, and the set of wheels.

Mazda6 With CX-60 Design Cues Unofficial Rendering by Kolesa
Mazda6 With CX-60 Design Cues Unofficial Rendering by Kolesa

While the headlights and box nose look great in sedan form, we can’t help but notice that the wheel design somehow makes this version look like a Honda Accord (especially with the fastback form). We like what we see on the back, although there’s a bit of German styling with execution, which isn’t really a bad thing.

Using the CX-60’s design cues was not the right choice. The all-new crossover uses Mazda’s Skyactiv Multi Solution Scalable Architecture. The new platform is rear-wheel drive and can cater to both a six-cylinder engine and a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which is where Mazda is aiming with the ‘6’ as reported in the past.

As mentioned earlier, Mazda has ruled out the Mazda6 RWD. In an interview with car, Mazda Europe engineering and development boss Joachim Kunz confirmed that Mazda is focusing on crossovers and SUVs for now, rather than developing a new Mazda6. This is a move that comes as no surprise, considering that this high-riding vehicle has been a top-selling brand for some time.

This confirmation certainly extinguished the fires among the candidates for a sportier midsize sedan from the Japanese automaker. This is a business decision, and understandable. But if you still want the Mazda6 to buy right away, it’s best to wait for the update that’s already in the pipeline.


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