2023 Range Rover Sport Debuts Today: See The Livestream


It was last October when Land Rover launched the new Range Rover and is now launching its more agile sibling Sport. As is the case with its larger and more luxurious counterpart, the dynamic variant will play it safe in terms of design by adopting an evolutionary approach. The facelifted Mk2 model still looks fresh after all these years, so refinements to an already modern design will make the third gen quite noticeable.

Although it looks more the same, the Range Rover Sport 2023 will be a new model using the MLA Flex architecture to significantly increase torsional rigidity. From all-wheel steering and air suspension to torque vectoring and plug-in hybrid powertrain, the Mk3 will be full of technology. Further ahead, purely electric derivatives will sit alongside the ICE and PHEV models.

If it’s anything like a full-size Range Rover, the Sport should get BMW’s power too. Specifically, we’re talking about a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that makes 523 hp and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque. If these numbers seem familiar, that’s the power you get in the M Performance versions of the X5, X6, and X7 with the M50i suffix. Apart from that, the M550i and M850i ​​share the same engine.

Spy shots have revealed there will be a more powerful SVR variant and it is expected to adopt the BMW S63 engine with over 600 hp as seen in the fully fledged large M model. Land Rover as a whole is gradually moving away from its supercharged V8 as it becomes increasingly difficult to get the 5.0-liter unit to comply with stricter emissions regulations. This is especially true with 7 euros arriving in recent years.

The lower-end version of the Range Rover Sport 2023 is expected to feature a smaller 3.0-liter inline-six engine equipped with mild hybrid technology. If as before, customers will be able to choose from 355- and 395-hp configurations which will significantly undercut the BMW V8-powered model which is likely to cost six figures even before the option.

The most expensive of the bunch is undoubtedly the Range Rover Sport EV, which is slated to arrive in the coming years. It’s too early to say whether it will inherit the dual motor setup used by the BMW iX M60 or Land Rover will use its own hardware.

We’ll have all the details soon when the livestream kicks off at 14:00 EDT/6pm GMT.


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