Ford Patents Remote-Controlled Engine Revving System


Just like any vehicle accessory or modification, a good-sounding engine and exhaust is something that many car nuts enjoy. This is an added attraction for any vehicle, which makes the exhaust upgrade among the top vehicle modifications globally.

But if you’re the owner and sole driver, the best way to enjoy your car’s pristine exhaust note is to have a friend climb into the driver’s seat and start the engine for you while you’re out.

Ford thinks it has a solution to the problem through a remotely controlled engine speed system – a patent/trademark filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The patent was filed last November 3, 2020, but was only published recently. In the USPTO document, the system starts with a command initiated by the user using a remote control from inside or outside the vehicle.

In response to that input, the engine must rotate to the selected top speed, spin profile and/or rotation pattern. The exhaust tuning can also be adjusted to produce the desired engine speed when the vehicle is idle or even when the vehicle is off.

“In this way, the engine can be started according to parameters selected by the user at various distances from the vehicle,” the patent says.

While the vehicle shown in the illustration above shows a Mustang, and rightfully so, Ford also envisions that this remotely controlled engine speed system could also be used in electric vehicles.

The USPTO document states that:

In addition, as the popularity of electric vehicles increases, including electric performance vehicles, electric vehicles do not have an engine to provide the engine revs sound. Thus, the attractiveness of electric vehicles to enthusiasts of high-performance vehicles could decrease, hindering the transition to vehicles that are less dependent on fossil fuels.

The patent describes the process as “an engine revs sound can be emitted through the vehicle sound system,” which can be done without the need for additional components for the EV.


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