There Are Currently A Total Of 118 Cadillac Dealers In Canada


There are now 118 active Cadillac dealers in Canada, according to information shared during a recent media presentation held by the luxury brand in Toronto and attended by Cadillac Society.

By comparison, there were 122 Cadillac dealers in Canada in January 2021. The slight drop in storefronts is not unreasonable, as the luxury brand is currently in the process of restructuring its dealer network in the US and Canada to facilitate its sales and service. upcoming electric vehicle attack. In fact, Cadillac states that Canada’s 118 storefronts are fully “EV ready” and ready to begin EV sales and service.

Just like in the US, the luxury brand is asking its dealers in Canada to make significant investments that will apply to things like installing public EV charging stations and reconfiguring the service department to handle EVs. Dealers who opt out of the investment are offered a purchase package.

Considering that only four dealers decided to leave the Cadillac brand during the restructuring process, it seems that the Canadian luxury dealer network is confident that its customer base will accept electric vehicles. In comparison, there is only 564 Cadillac dealers left in the US, down from 921 individual storefronts four years ago. Many US dealers who have decided to discontinue their Cadillac franchise have cited a lack of customer interest in EVs. Many of these shops are located in rural areas. About 150 independent dealers accept the purchase program in the US, the value of which is between $300,000 and $1 million.

Cadillac’s first battery electric vehicle is the Cadillac Lyriq 2023, which recently went into production at Cadillac’s Spring Hill plant in Tennessee. After the Debut Edition lands, the order book for the next unit will be opening on May 19ththallows customers to start ordering new Lyriq units directly through Cadillac dealers instead of going through the reservation process.

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