Opel Astra Cuts Off Alpina B5 Touring During Autobahn Top Speed Run


The German autobahn is one of the few highways in the world that has a section without a speed limit. However, safety is not really a major concern on this highway – especially since Autobahn users are generally disciplined and know how to keep their lanes clean.

In fact, in last year’s poll, a majority of Germans preferred to impose speed limits on the Autobahn on emissions and tax grounds over safety.

But that doesn’t mean that accidents don’t exist on Germany’s high-speed highways. One of them was caught on camera while doing a top speed run on the Alpina B5 Touring.

In the video embedded above, AutoTopNL was trying to run high speed in an Alpina wagon when suddenly, an Opel Astra Convertible tried to cut the driver (around the 5 minute mark).

To be fair, the red top-down Astra appears to be trying to overtake the slow truck up front, which is perfectly normal. However, it failed to pay attention to the upcoming 613-horsepower Alpina B5 Touring.

Alpina’s driver was able to brake in time to avoid a collision. The Astra driver was not happy with what was happening and snapped his middle finger. An unwarranted response, in our opinion.

Fortunately, Alpina was not in top condition when the incident occurred. He was already slowing down from about 124 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour) when he saw the convertible about to cut the lane.

If the Alpina hit a top speed of 200 mph (322 km/h) when it did, it would be a different story. By the way, the driver reaches that speed towards the end of the video. Pretty cool.


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