2023 Mercedes GLC Spied With Minimal Camo In Nearly 30 Images


While BMW has taken a bold approach to its latest design language, Mercedes continues to play it safe. Take this next-generation GLC for example, which looks exactly what we all imagined after seeing the C-Class W206. Don’t get me wrong because “predictable” doesn’t always mean boring when it comes to vehicle appearance. Sure, it’s not the most attractive model in its segment, but the new high-riding C isn’t offensive either.

Our spies have captured a prototype that is undergoing final testing and looks as though it is a customer car. We mean it appears to have all the production parts, including the panoramic sunroof. The absence of a license plate indicates the GLC 2023 is seen on private land rather than on public roads. Although not immediately visible, the BMW X3 competitor has rear-wheel steering, which is expected to have a maximum angle of 4.5 degrees.

You can’t tell right away, but the revamped GLC is a little bigger than its predecessor. We’ve heard through the grapevine that the length will be extended to 4.72 meters (185.8 inches) and the wheelbase will be extended by 15 mm (0.6 inches). The increase in footprint will unlock an additional 50 liters of cargo volume, bringing it to 600 liters (21.1 cubic feet).

While all C-Class models are limited to a four-pot engine, the GLC will be offered with a six-cylinder diesel. Nearly all other powertrains will be shared between the two, including the longitudinally mounted M139 engine for the “43” and “63” AMGs. There should also be no less than three plug-in hybrids, one of which will combine a diesel engine with an electric motor for 300de.

If the latest reports are to be believed, Mercedes will unveil the GLC 2023 on June 1 and sell it across Europe from September. As usual, the equivalent US specs will arrive at a later date. The sporty derivative tuned in Affalterbach may come out at some point next year.

Presumably called the EQC SUV, the zero-emissions model is unlikely to borrow from the same platform as the EQC. With Mercedes promising an electric C-Class Sedan on a bespoke EV platform, vehicles equivalent to it are expected to benefit from a dedicated electric base. It will join the upcoming EQS SUV and SUV EQE, with the electric G-Class (EQG) coming in 2024.


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