Nissan Teases Super Bowl Ad Packed With Big Stars And Fast Cars


Nissan announced last month that brand ambassador and actress Brie Larson would star in this year’s Super Bowl LVI commercial. However, he was absent from the latest teaser featuring an “action-packed comedy-thriller” called Thrill Driver. Looks like the ad will parody Fast and full of energy film franchise.

The stars we saw were Dave Bautista, Danai Gurira, and Eugene Levy. Levy is the long-haired pilot behind the wheel of the Nissan Z 2023. He starred in one of two teasers Nissan released today. The short clip shows Levy being chased by a man dressed in black on a motorbike and the body of a violent looking mid-90s F-GM. The car looks like a mix between a Camaro and a Firebird, but it’s still a bad guy.

The second teaser is much shorter than the first. It shows Bautista and Gurira on motorbikes, playing The Pointman and The Hotshot, respectively, trying to outrun the faceless villain. While Larson wasn’t in any of the teasers we know of, Nissan said he would have a “leading role” in the commercial, even though we all know the real star of the advert is Levy’s gorgeous hair.

Also missing from this ad is a Nissan Ariya, which the company has announced will also appear in the ad. The Ariya debuted in 2020, and it’s an all-electric crossover that should be on sale before the end of the year. The Z will likely arrive first, as it should start reaching dealerships sometime this spring, giving the company two very different products.

We can get another teaser before it goes commercial and, like trailers for feature films, get more commercial plots. Nissan also announced that run contest to deliver the new Nissan Z 2023. The contest runs now until February 15th.


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