Nismo Launches First Upgrade For 2023 Nissan Z


Nissan Motorsports & Customize Co., Ltd. has announced the first customization you can do to the new Z car. The first official upgrade will be from the Nismo and will come in the form of a sports exhaust.

The Nismo sports exhaust for the Nissan Z 2023 (dubbed the Fairlady Z in Japan) is made of stainless steel. This is the center pipe and rear exhaust set, with the exhaust hood adorned with the Nismo logo and sporty rivets. According to Nismo, the set plays “light and comfortable exhaust notes from normal driving to high-speed driving.”

Nissan Z Nismo . Sport Exhaust
Nissan Z Nismo . Sport Exhaust

As an official upgrade, the Nismo sports muffler comes with a replacement muffler pre-certification system. However, this will lower the minimum ground clearance by 5mm with a set of mounting accessories.

The Nismo sports exhaust is compatible with all Nissan Z 2023 cars, priced at 308,000 yen (tax excluded) or about $2,410 at current exchange rates. Ordering and shipping will begin in the fall of 2022, which is around September.

The US will likely get the sport exhaust upgrade, though customers should know that production and consequently, the car’s launch have been delayed due to the ongoing parts shortage. It was announced in conjunction with the automaker’s press release for prices in Japan, and confirmed to by a Nissan spokesperson.

That said, expect a 2023 Nissan Z on US shores sometime this summer, which should be around June. The official US price has not been disclosed as of this writing, although it is believed to start around $40,000.

As for trim level details and what to expect, a leaked order guide from earlier this year should give you a good look.


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