Wild BMW E36 Off-Roader Looks Ready For A Starring Role In Mad Max


The BMW 3 Series E36 generation comes in various forms. It was originally produced as a sedan and coupe, while a convertible version was introduced a few years later. It was then offered as a five-door wagon called the Touring and a three-door hatchback called the 3 Series Compact in 1994. Heck, we even saw an E36 pickup convertible from last year and we thought it was awesome.

So what’s missing? A full-blooded off-roader, you could say. Well, look no further because one dirt-loving BMW 3 Series is up for grabs on Vavato – and it shows right from the Mad Max casting audition.

Dubbed the “Stamptertje”, this revamped red 3er was born as the 318is coupe. It is powered by a BMW M42 petrol engine, producing 138 horsepower (103 kilowatts) and 129 pound-feet (175 Newton-meters) of torque when launched. A new clutch and hydraulic handbrake have been added for this particular car.

Needless to say, this 3er gets a special suspension set for off-road use. At the front, it has a lift beam, modified wishbone and E92 steering arm. The rear half gets E46 springs with coilover blocks, camber arms and shock absorbers from the BMW X3. All wheels are wrapped in mud tires.

As you can see, the modifications include a waterproof snorkel and a special exhaust system. It also has custom-made push bars at the front and rear, while a roll cage is found on the outside to protect passengers.

To be honest, this BMW E36 off-roader doesn’t look all that prime, and rightfully so, because its current owners are sure to have a lot of fun with it. But if you’re interested, the starting bid is 1,300 euros or about $1,448 at the current exchange rate. You have until February 4th to bid on this car via the source link below.


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