Ferrari 296 GT3 Race Car Spied Lapping Fiorano Test Track On Video


Racing is an important part of the Ferrari brand image, and it goes beyond Formula One. For example, here is a video of the upcoming Ferrari 296 GT3 in development at the Fiorano brand test track.

This is a much better look at the 296 GT3 compared to the previous teaser which only featured the race car in the shadows. The engine body wears some camouflage, but the Ferrari development team really can’t hide the aerodynamic changes that make the coupe perform better on the track.

Up front, there is a redesigned lower fascia that has a concave shape to the ground. The divider is more prominent and has a vertical section at each corner. Canards are also on the outer edge of the body. The top of each front fender has a protruding grille. The hood is ventilated near the center.

From a rear three-quarters perspective, you can see a wider track, which requires improved bodywork around the doors compared to a road car. The designers also stretched the rear fender.

Unlike the production 296 GTB, the engine is not visible through the rear deck. There seems to be a small vent on the panel.

The rear has two round exhaust pipes poking out. It’s a much more usable display than the trapezoidal outlet in the middle of the street legal version. Both feature prominent diffusers, but the one on the race car is bigger.

Apart from this spy video, Ferrari releases an announcement that the Ferrari 296 GT3 completed its evaluation at the Fiorano. The development includes a mix of running multiple laps and performing longer stints, in addition to pit stop checks. Two-time Le Mans GTE Pro class winner Alessandro Pier Guidi was among the test racers.

“I’m happy with how the two days of testing at Fiorano went. The Ferrari 296 GT3 proved to be a fun car and a great place to drive,” said Guidi in Ferrari’s announcement. “Obviously, at this stage the work is focused on critical system and reliability testing, and we are pleased with the data we have collected.”

The 296 GT3 will use a non-hybrid version of the GTB’s 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 as electric assistance will not be permitted under racing regulations. It will start racing in 2023 as a replacement for the 488 GT3 and 488 GT3 Evo.


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