Clever Telescoping Camper Mounts To Vans And Triples In Size


This cool camper may seem familiar to some reader. It’s called the Beauer 3XC, and it’s one of the latest offerings from this specialty camper manufacturer in France. It’s also very practical, mounting to a van or truck with a compact design that can be expanded to create ample living space once parked.

That’s no stranger because we featured an expanded 3X camping trailer from last year’s Beauer. 3XC developed the concept by ditching the trailer completely, instead of attaching the telescopic camper directly to the vehicle. This is not a drop-in camper like you would use on a pickup truck – it requires a chassis cab with a flat floor. However, once installed and retracted, the result is a camper of the same general size as a regular van. At the campsite, it opens up to be a modest 129-square-foot motor home.

Like the 3X trailer, the Beauer 3XC has electrically operated telescopic sides that are supported at each end when extended. Inside you will find a combined living/dining area that can accommodate five people. It’s next to a sizable kitchen that includes a central module, equipped with a microwave, fridge, sink, two burner stove, and an impressive amount of storage space. The third module is the bedroom, which is large enough to sleep two people. The small area between the bedroom and kitchen serves as the bathroom, including an optional shower with a five-gallon fresh water capacity.

Beauer offers many options, one of which is heating and air conditioning for four seasons operation. Heating options can be electric or gas, and larger tanks for fresh and wastewater can be added. Solar panels, integrated ladders, and bike racks are also listed as options, among others.

Beauer sells the 3XC as a complete vehicle with prices starting at €66,900 for a taxi van. That translates to around $72,400, though availability in the United States isn’t entirely clear. The company does state it can sell directly to US buyers, though we suspect that applies to trailers that don’t have the same import requirements as vehicles. That said, the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter are listed among the compatible vehicles. Inquiries regarding US sales can be sent to the company at


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