Chevy Astro Van Gets A Silverado EV Reboot In Unofficial Rendering


If you look at the current line-up of Chevrolet, there is only one van on offer. That model was an Express van, and there hasn’t been a new model since 1996. The 27-year-old van even got a new engine for the 2020 model year, but it remains the only one of its kind. to wear the Chevrolet badge.

But at that time, Chevy had more vans available, namely the Venture and Astro. Venture was shut down in 2004 and replaced by Uplander (discontinued in 2009). Astro, on the other hand, held out for another year. The ‘Midi-van’ (as General Motors called it) completed its 20-year production run in 2005.

Astro hasn’t been around for the past 17 years, but has gained a cult following. Thanks to its truck chassis and available all-wheel drive, it still looks like a handy workhorse, campervan, or overlander. With that said, should GM revive Astro or let him die? Youtube Channel TheSketchMonkey explore that option. Not only that, it reboots digitally as an EV van.

TheSketchMonkey decided to modernize Astro by taking inspiration from the Silverado EV. He also cleaned up the lines, removed the body cladding, and added some modern details. The design summary sounds easy, but there’s more to it than just grafting a new face on an old van.

Oddly enough, the electric Silverado’s nose matches Astro’s after a bit of scaling. However, previous Astro vans had the corporate face of the era, from the slanted front end of the 1985 to 1995 models, to the split grille look of the newer versions. That said, there’s one minor glitch in this render, and that’s the Chevrolet badge. The logo is tilted to the left, not to the right. Nonetheless, it’s a new take on the long-extinct van.


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