Irmscher Cross iS2 Is A Plain White Camper With A Colorful Interior


German tuner Irmscher modifies vehicles of several brands, but the Opel model is its main specialty. The latest offering is the modified Zafira van, which is also available as the Vauxhall Vivaro and the Fiat Scudo, which the company refers to as the Cross iS2.

Irmscher took the van and remodeled the cabin to turn it into a compact camper with a kitsch cabin. There are also some minor tweaks to make the exterior more eye-catching. The tuner replaced the top grille with a section that removed the Opel emblem. A small splitter is under the front bumper. A subtle spoiler attached to the back of the roof. This vehicle uses black wheels with a Y-shaped design, and is available in 18 or 19 inch sizes.

The interior received more significant changes. Opening the sliding door reveals an L-shaped kitchen with a sink, fridge and bamboo countertop. To give the cabin a bold look, lots of surfaces are in a fun baby blue hue in these photos. Buyers have a choice of colors and finishes.

The cabin also has some neat features. A pull-out drawer hidden behind a sliding door reveals a two burner gas stove. Plus, the table can be shifted to act as a food prep space.

During breaks, there is a section that can be expanded to fit between the chairs in the sitting area. This gives people more places to lie down while sleeping. One of the shelves even has a wireless charger for your smart devices.

Irmscher has not listed pricing or availability for the Cross iS2. The company announcement did not elaborate on the available water tank or powertrain sizes.

In 2020, Irmscher introduced the iS3 Black Phantom. He also uses Zafira as a starting point. The exterior is more aggressive than the Cross iS2 with lots of black accents. Inside, the interior modification doesn’t include that many kitchenettes or cupboards. The back has a mattress to create sleeping space.


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