This Ferrari SF90 With A Denim Interior Laughs At Your Alcantara


We know what you’re thinking. Probably, anyway, especially if you’re knowledgeable about the American auto industry in the 1970s. Cars with factory-built denim interiors have appeared from time to time, though the famous AMC Gremlin Levi Edition is arguably the first one to remember. With his quirky style and weak strength, Gremlin with his blue jean interior is still the target of many automotive jokes to this day.

However, don’t laugh at this Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Yes, it also has a denim interior and yes, it comes from Ferrari through its Tailor Made program. As explained by duPont Registrythe car was made at the request of a “very lucky client” and made to order, featuring Kuroki Superstone Bleach Denim seats.

Ferrari SF90 With Denim Interior
Ferrari SF90 With Denim Interior
Ferrari SF90 With Denim Interior

You won’t find Levi-spec orange contrast stitching here, but you will find red inserts on the headrests and lower seatbacks. There’s more blue to the carbon fiber seat frame. The dashboard features a blue skin and again denim. Even the paddle shifters are blue.

This special SF90 Stradale has more than just denim upholstery. At first glance, the roof appears black but take a closer look and you’ll see it’s actually a dark blue. In particular, the exposed carbon is Scotland Blue, highlighted with a single red racing stripe in the center. You’ll also see some additional carbon fiber accessories on the exterior, which are part of the Assetto Fiorano package. It drives a set of spoked carbon fiber wheels from the factory, and with everything mixed together, we’re not the least bit embarrassed to say we absolutely love it.

Ferrari from Fort Lauderdale shared the car on Instagram (post pinned above), showing some special touches to this bespoke build. One thing we didn’t know was the owner of this new Ferrari, but we have great respect for whoever came up with this vision. Alcantara-clad carbon fiber supercars are everywhere, but a denim interior for the 986-horsepower Ferrari? That’s something really unique.


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