Ford CEO Jim Farley Takes A Ride In A Puma Rally Car And Likes It


Ford CEO Jim Farley shared footage of his ride in a Ford Puma WRC car on Twitter today. The Blue Oval boss tweeted that the ride was “unlike any driving experience” he had ever had. The short video shows Farley’s reaction as Craig Breen drives the new Ford Pump Hyrbid Rally1 along an unspecified track.

You can see the excitement as Farley’s grin spreads across his face as Breen swings the Puma race car across the track. In January, Ford introduced the Puma Hybrid Rally1, which replaced the Ford Fiesta World Rally car. The Puma may look like a crossover, but the foundation is a little more special. The Fiesta WRC car is based on a production car, but new regulations give manufacturers more freedom. Ford decided to use a space-frame chassis for the Puma race car.

The new Puma pairs the turbocharged 1.6-liter engine of the Fiesta WRC with a hybrid drive system that can add up to 134 horsepower (100 kilowatts), which is available during certain stages of the race. The combined output can reach put o 500 hp (373 kilowatts), which is quite a lot for a Puma.

It’s not clear whether Breen used all of the Puma’s power, but the video shows the car reaching its top speed – 118 miles per hour (190 kilometers per hour). One thing that might make the ride a bit more difficult is the Puma’s lack of downforce compared to the Fiesta, thanks to the new racing mandate. The rules also require a five-speed manual gearbox and no more paddle shifters or center differentials.

Farley is still smiling at the end of the video, saying, “That was awesome” and “That was so much fun.” He ended his tweet by saying that there was more to come, but he did not elaborate. Ford doesn’t offer the Puma in the US, although Farley tweeted more than a year ago that he hopes the company sells it in North America. At the time, Ford didn’t have an affordable model, but cars like the Maverick filled that void. Puma would be fun too.


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