Tesla Shows Updated Cybertruck, Announces Robotaxi At Texas Factory Opening


On Thursday, April 7, Tesla held a Cyber ​​Rodeo event celebrating the official opening of the electric car maker’s new factory in Austin, Texas. Along with lots of music, fireworks, and drones flying in the automaker’s vehicle formation, Elon Musk wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses took to the stage to discuss the company’s past, present, and future.

Musk took to the stage in the first production Tesla Roadster while “Still DRE” by Dr. Dre played. The crowd was excited to see the automaker’s CEO. The first major announcement to come from his presentation is that a beta version of Tesla’s Full Self Driving software is coming later this year.

He then launched to tout the huge size of the Texas factory. The site is a giant 338 million square feet. Standing vertically, it will be 3,826 feet (1,166 meters) tall. By comparison, the Burj Khalifa is 2,722 feet (829 meters) tall.

Musk claims that when fully operational, the plant in Texas should be able to make about 1 million units a year. About 500,000 of these are thought to be Model Ys. Musk says the Cybertruck goes on sale in 2023 and also comes from this factory.

In addition to building vehicles, Tesla will also make batteries at this factory. It was part of the automaker’s production assembly where there were cast parts for the front and rear and a structural package in the middle.

Looking to the future, Musk says that robotaxi is on its way, and “looks pretty futuristic,” he claims. Plus, the first version of the Optimus robot “hopefully” comes in 2023. It will “change the world to an even greater extent than cars,” Musk believes.

Musk plans to use the rest of the year to build and run a factory in Texas. In 2023, there is a “big wave of new products” on the way. In addition to the Cybertruck, this allegedly includes the second-generation Roadster and Semi.

After showing the first few Model Y units to come from the factory, a Cybertruck speeding on the stage. Musk noted there were no doorknobs. Instead, the pickup knows its owner is there.

The promo video below is part of the presentation.


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