New Lamborghini Countach Caught On The Street Makes Glorious V12 Noise


It’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen the 2022 Lamborghini Countach. It’s not even the first time we’ve heard of it. Less than two minutes, the latest video from Varryx not even that long. But crazy car enthusiasts love the sound of horsepower, and this clip offers a short but delicious V12 sound clip that’s a dream.

Why is this one special? There are all kinds of Lamborghini Aventador exhaust videos available on the internet, and that’s what the Countach really is under the skin. Its 6.5-liter V12 is pretty much the same as the one you’d find on the Aventador SVJ, though it incorporates the hybrid supercapacitor setup from the Sian for a total output of 803 horsepower (599 kilowatts). However, exhaust routing is unique to the Countach – an ode to the quad outlets that graced the original model – so it’s reasonable to expect a slightly different tone compared to its brethren.

And then we hear it, about 15 seconds into the video. We’re used to the modern Lambo, either sitting quietly, or breaking through the fabric of space-time with a godlike scream. But this new Countach didn’t scream. In fact, it sounded like the old one with a hint of baritone. Granted, this isn’t a full speed blast, 8,500 rpm. And there might be a bit of an imaginary sound on our part given the Countach’s retro form. But for us gearheads who still remember the OG supercar when it was fresh and new, this one is very familiar Welcome noise.

Production for the new Lamborghini Countach was limited to 112 units, and each one was sold out. We suspect this particular car isn’t one of them, unless someone decides on a gray nose and a different set of wheels. This is likely the Countach’s test vehicle, which could mean the sound we hear isn’t a factory sound. If not, hopefully there will be an upgrade for buyers, because we seriously want to hear about this car again.

Now, excuse me as we browse YouTube for clips of the classic Countach to get us into the weekend.


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