Ford Bronco Raptor’s Digital Instrument Display Looks Like A Video Game


When the new Ford Bronco Raptor debuted in early 2022, the big news was its even bigger footprint. We mean literally, because the upgraded SUV is wider and taller than its sibling. It also packs a tougher punch thanks to its 400-horsepower twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine. As such, little attention is paid to details such as digital instrument displays.

Ford wanted to fix that by diving in fully on the Bronco Raptor’s 12-inch digital instrument display. Obviously, its main mission is to convey important information about the vehicle to the driver. Such missions don’t have to be boring, so to inject a little more life into the process, video game designers were called in to help create custom screens for each GOAT mode. That’s a total of seven, leveraging a mix of graphics and color to give each mode its own visual identity.

For example, the tow/haul mode shows a Bronco with a trailer, and the color changes to yellow in homage to a construction vehicle. In Rock Crawl mode, you’ll see an animation of the Bronco moving slowly over rough terrain. In Normal mode, the screen shows blue color because Ford’s normal brand color is blue. Is it all a little gimmicky? Very. But it’s also pretty cool. And the screen is also customizable.

One of the special screen displays that doesn’t really attract much attention is the Performance View. This screen is available for use with any driving mode and depicts high-speed off-road action similar to that of Baja. It resets information such as engine RPM to more easily communicate that data to the driver.

“Performance View transforms the driver’s impression of how the vehicle is used, with an intuitive layout that places the red line at the 12 o’clock position and uses the drivetrain avatar to really gain focus on optimizing driving performance,” said Ford Digital. Design Manager Mark Sich. “The whole focus is on providing critical information to the driver as efficiently as possible.”

When will buyers finally get to experience this screen, upgraded suspension, and 400-hp punch? Ford says the Bronco Raptor will hit dealerships this summer.


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