Chevy Shows Off Fleet Of Camaro Convertibles For 2022 Indy 500


The 106th Indy 500 is underway as we officially enter the final months before reaching the green light. Indianapolis Motor Speedway celebrates by launching a fleet of Chevrolet Camaro Festival Event Cars, which will be used to promote the start of the Great American Race.

Chevy Team promoted these cars on his social media channels, along with the following captions:

The “Festival Event Car” has been reminding residents of the Indianapolis area of ​​the upcoming Indianapolis 500 since the 1960s, and this year’s fleet of unique Chevrolet Camaro models will again attract attention as they drive around Central Indiana.

The sport coupe used here is a Chevy Camaro Convertible SS in a Wild Cherry Tintcoat exterior and a Ceramic White interior. All of them featured special stickers to promote the 106th Indy 500 Running. Each of these cars carries a unique GM option code and was designed by the Chevrolet Performance Design Studio in Michigan.

It’s a tradition to use Festival Event Cars to promote the Indy 500. These cars will be used by Indiana dignitaries and corporate leaders, driving them around town in April and May until race day. The 106th Indy 500 will start on May 29, 2022.

The Chevy Camaro is no stranger to the Indy 500. Since the ’60s, this sports coupe has been the race car for motorsports nine times; the latest is in 2016. It can also serve as a proper release to the nameplate when facing the axe.

However, wild rumors have been circulating that the Camaro will stick around after the current full ICE model but as a four-door electric sedan. A successor to the Camaro is expected to arrive when the current model ends production in 2024. However, take this report with a grain of salt.


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