Mini Remastered Marshall Edition Gets An Amp Mounted In The Trunk


David Brown Automotive, the British boutique automaker, has a new model – the Mini Remastered Marshall Edition. The automaker has partnered with Marshall Amplification to celebrate the music brand’s 60th anniversary with a special edition Mini Remastered model that incorporates the aesthetics of the music brand into the iconic Mini.

The Mini Remastered Marshall Edition sets itself apart from the rest of David Brown Automotive’s Mini Remastered lineup with a unique visual touch inside and out. All 60 cars receive an exclusive Marshall Black exterior paint that is topped with dark-chrome brightwork and Marshall Gold paint accents – two colors that go well with the music brand. The Mini also gets a hand-painted trainer line, stripes, and a Marshall brand on the door.

The gold finish goes beyond the paint, with the Mini’s 12-inch black alloy wheels getting gold accents and a gold Marshall “M” logo on the center cap. The wheels hide the gold brake calipers, a color also used on the grille, which is designed to mimic the look of the front of Marshall audio equipment. Completing the exterior is a handcrafted badge that is plated with Marshall Gold enamel.

Inside, David Brown Automotive and Marshall continue the black-gold branding and more music-inspired touches. The dashboard, center console, switchgear, handbrake and doors are all accented in gold. Even the pedals are gold with “Skip Track” (clutch), “Play” (accelerator) and “Pause” (brake) features engraved on them. The hand-trimmed black leather seat features contrasting gold stitching with the Marshall logo embroidered on the seat.

The car also has some serious audio upgrades that go beyond the in-car system, which are enhanced through the standard offering with new dashboard-mounted speakers and other improvements. The glove compartment features the new ANC pattern wireless earbuds and port charges for them.

The car’s best feature, however, is the trunk, or what’s inside – the fully integrated, shiftable Marshall DSL1 Combo amplifier. It comes with an independent power supply, but the car also features a portable Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker for more mobile tunes.

Mini Remastered Marshall Edition
Mini Remastered Marshall Edition

Mini pairs a 1.3-liter A-series engine to a five-speed manual gearbox. Marshall and David Brown Automotive will donate a portion of each sale to the Music Venue Trust. This British charity is supporting independent concert venues impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.


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