Tesla Officially Enters Turkish Market


Tesla shipped 936,000 vehicles worldwide last year, up 87 percent of its 2020 results. The United States and China remain the company’s largest markets in the world, although highly populated countries will only contribute to brand deliveries in 2022. Appointing Kemal Geçer as manager In general, Tesla has announced officially entering the new car market in Turkey.

Tesla’s operations in Turkey have previously been linked to a capital increase of 50 million Turkish lira. The EV automaker is also currently working on a Supercharger network in the country, which also covers most of the Balkans with a number of fast charging points in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and other countries in the region. No details regarding Tesla’s sales targets in Turkey are available at this time.

Emir Tunçyürek, former consultant InsideEVs Turkey and one of the founders E-Garaj, will manage Tesla’s Turkey operations. Formation of Turkish edition InsideEVs made possible thanks to the incorporation of the Emir’s own website, teslaturk.com, with platforms IEV.

By 2021, nearly 4,000 electric cars were sold in total in Turkey. It is important to note that this index is only 1,600 cars in 2020. Currently, it is estimated that there are around 7,000 – 8,000 electric vehicles registered for general use in the country. Our partners in Motor1.com Turkey hopes that Tesla’s official launch in Turkey will further increase the demand for EVs in the country.

All three best-selling models in Turkey for 2021 are combustion-powered. The Fiat Egea, known in some markets as the Fiat Tipo, took the crown, followed by the Toyota Corolla and Renault Clio. Meanwhile, Turkey’s youngest automaker, TOGG, made its official North American debut during CES 2022 with a concept vehicle designed by Pininfarina.


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