2022 T-Roc Cabrio Walkaround Video Reminds Us VW Is Selling A Soft-Top SUV


Looking for a small convertible SUV? Then maybe the VW T-Roc convertible is the perfect SUV for you. This convertible version of the VW T-Roc compact SUV adds a unique open-top experience to the T-Roc that completely changes the level of practicality and opportunity.

The VW T-Roc SUV made its debut in 2017 using VW’s MQB A1 platform. This compact SUV is placed under the larger VW Tiguan and is considered an SUV equivalent to the VW Golf. The T-Roc never made it to American shores where customers looked to the compact VW Taos placed under the Tiguan.

The VW T-Roc followed the usual lineup of VW Golf trims and even introduced the high-performance T-Roc R trim in 2019. The surprising addition of the T-Roc Cabrio came in 2020 when VW showed off their new drop-top SUV.

The 2020 T-Roc Cabrio is meant to fill the void left by the departure of the VW Beetle, which ended production in 2019, and the VW Golf Cabrio which ended production in 2016.

Turning the T-Roc from a practical compact SUV into a four-seater convertible required a lot of engineering and specialized bodywork. For starters, the T-Roc Cabrio is now a coupe rather than the usual four-door SUV that required new body panels to accommodate the changes. In fact, every sheet of metal behind the front wheel is all new. The T-Roc Cabrio has a longer wheelbase than the regular SUV to help cope with the new folding fabric roof.

Instead of a rear hatch, the T-Roc Cabrio has the traditional smaller trunk which has 284.0 liters of space which is a 161.0 liter reduction of space compared to the normal T-Roc. This design change was necessary to accommodate the power-folding fabric roof which occupies most of the truck’s space when closed.

For American customers looking for a convertible VW SUV, you’re unfortunately out of luck as the T-Roc and T-Roc Cabrio weren’t made for American shores. Could a used Land Rover Evoque Cabrio do the trick?


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