This Ford Fiesta Is Both A Boat And A Car At The Same Time


Usually if you like boating, you get in the car, go to a boat rental, and get on the boat. The wealthier tow their own boats to port in trucks or SUVs. But what if we told you that you can actually do both in the same car?

That’s what we have here, featured by YouTubers AdamC3046 in the video embedded above. This is a seventh generation Ford Fiesta that has been converted into an amphibious car and is still legal on UK roads. According to the presenter, this is a father-daughter lock-in project.

What’s great about this amphibious Ford is that it can still be recognized as a Fiesta even at first glance. The top half is from the subcompact car, though the bottom half shows the fiberglass body from Dutton Reef. The wheels are also from the stock Fiesta alloy.

For the conversion to work, some modifications have been made to this Fiesta. The engine has been moved behind the rear seats and the exhaust has been positioned higher for obvious reasons. The wheelbase has also been extended to accommodate the mid-engine configuration, while the roof is cut for the pleasure of open-air boating.

In order for the propeller to function, there is a transfer box that allows the transmission of power to the propeller while in the water. Acceleration is still controlled by the pedals, while the steering turns left or right based on steering wheel input.

It’s a fun machine, no doubt, but not without its flaws. With a maximum cruising speed of 7 knots on the water or about 8 miles per hour (13 kilometers per hour), it is by no means a speed boat. But then again, how many Ford Fiestas are out there that you can ride on land and water to your heart’s content?


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