2023 Smart #1 Teased For The Last Time Ahead Of April 7 Premiere


Forget everything you knew about Smart because the new #1 (yes, that’s really the official name) would be a completely different car. Significantly larger than the ForFour, this new crossover will finally make its official debut on April 7. The disclosure was made by Mercedes and joint-venture partner Geely. If you haven’t heard, the Smart brand is now a German-Chinese endeavor.

As a follow-up to Concept #1 from last year, the EV should maintain the showcar footprint: 4.29 meters (168.9 inches) long, 1.91 meters (75.1 inches) wide and 1.70 meters (67 inches) high. ). It will be a vertical giant next to the ForFour, thus signaling Smart’s intent to go big, literally. The crossover will use a special electric car platform, allowing engineers to shave off the overhangs and stretch the wheelbase.

Indeed, the concept measures 2.75 meters (108.2 inches) between the axles, giving the Smart #1 a slightly longer wheelbase than the Mercedes EQA. That should translate into a spacious cabin with the legroom typically found in ICE-powered vehicles of the above segment. Unlike the four-seater concept car, the production-ready model will be more practical by featuring a three-seat rear seat.

A fairly low drag coefficient of 0.29 has been made possible through various aerodynamic optimizations, including door handles that remain flush with the body. Designed by Mercedes and made in China, the Smart #1 will also have an active front grille shutter for better airflow to lower the Cd number. Spy shots have confirmed it will largely retain the concept car’s design inside and out, although 21-inch wheels are unlikely to be carried.

The EV will use Geely’s Continuous Experience Architecture (SEA) and should have a 12.8-inch touchscreen to mirror the concept car. The rear suicide door would pave the way for a regular setup for the crossover that would go into production as opposed to the ill-fated Formore concept from the 2000s. Since LED light bars are so popular these days, the Smart #1 will have one on the front and another on the back.

Technical specifications beyond the dimensions and platform of the vehicle remain shrouded in mystery. However, rumors speculate it will have a 70-kWh battery pack with quite a real range of just over 200 miles (322 kilometers). However, take these numbers with a bit of a proverb as they haven’t been confirmed by Mercedes or Geely yet.

It will initially be sold “at home” in China before being exported to Europe.


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