Cadillac Toothpiq Revealed As Fully Autonomous, Fully Electric Toothbrush


Ever wished you could integrate the luxury and autonomy of genuine Cadillac products into your morning and evening routine? If so, then take a look at the Cadillac Toothpiq, the first fully electric and autonomous toothbrush from the luxury marque.

In a press release issued on April 1st, the luxury brand announced its expansion into the field of dental hygiene starting with the revolutionary Toothpiq. “We’re not just about cars anymore,” said Cadillac spokeswoman April Firths. “We all want to make every aspect of your life as easy and luxurious as possible. The all-new Cadillac Toothpiq fulfills that mission.”

Toothpiq’s lightweight chassis is made of extremely high-quality carbon fiber components, making it the perfect toothbrush for customers of all ages. It is equipped with a luxury brand Ultium battery, which can be charged using any standard wall outlet. Charging at a DC Quick Charge station takes just three seconds, and Cadillac estimates that the Toothpiq can clean teeth for up to two weeks on a single charge, easily outperforming its competitors.

Meanwhile, the name Toothpiq fits well with Cadillac’s “IQ” naming strategy for its electric products, letting customers know they are getting a first-class, high-quality, forward-thinking electric toothbrush.

Cadillac even took the same technology used for the Super Cruise and the upcoming Ultra Cruise semi-autonomous driver assistance system and applied it to the Toothpiq to make it the ultimate hands-free dental hygiene product.

“The Toothpiq is completely autonomous,” Firths added. “This is truly revolutionary. Just pop the Toothpiq in your mouth, sit (or stand), and let the rest handle the rest. Check your email, read the news, do whatever you need to do before you leave for work or sleep – Toothpiq makes sure your mouth is as clean as ever.”

Currently, the Cadillac Toothpiq is only available in a White Frost Tricoat finish for the Debut Edition model, but we expect more colors to be available later in its lifecycle. Customers interested in acquiring a Cadillac Toothpiq can begin ordering immediately by contacting a local dealer, marking the first time (to our knowledge) that dental hygiene products will be distributed at an auto retail location. Prices start at a cool $4,122.

Obviously, we pulled your leg. He April Fool’s Day, Moreover. Stay sharp, stay safe and subscribe Cadillac Society for more Cadillac (real) news coverage. We also invite you to join the latest discussions on our Cadillac forums.


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