Honda Launches Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat So Your Pup Can Ride Shotgun


For some reason, we haven’t seen many April Fools’ jokes from the automaker this year, but Honda UK has one that we hope will come true. The Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat allows your puppy to safely ride the gun, and even provides your dog with some useful perks.

The dog-friendly front seat has an extra-long base that provides ample space for your puppy to recline. The backrest has attachment points for the harness to keep your pet safe.

By getting rid of the useful stuff, Honda also added some fun stuff. The two recessed areas are just the right size for mounting the bowl. The seat side bolster has built-in air conditioning vents to keep your pet cool, even while driving on a hot day. In case, the puppy gets tired of the squeaker toy clinging to the chair.

The most fantastic feature is the grooming dispenser in the glovebox with a button that the dog can press to get it. Hopefully there will be a time lag between uses as our pets will be constantly trying to get treats.

In its announcement, Honda promised to introduce a special passenger seat for other pets. Variants for cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and even fish are also on their way (well, not really). The company even mentions a multi-tiered design for traveling with the gerbil. By 2024, it is said there will be a version for the horse, which will probably include a raised roof.

While the Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat isn’t real, the automaker actually has several dog-focused accessories as part of the Honda Dog line in Japan. It even includes a carrier that fits in the front seat. There are also various seat and basket protectors.

Many companies offer pet-friendly accessories, but dealer chains in Japan sell Dog Vans. This is a customized Toyota HiAce with extenders in the rear footwell which greatly expand the area they have to travel through. At the back, there are eight movable sections that the puppy can use as a bed or make room for a pet cage. A window screen lets fresh air into the cabin without letting your dog jump out.


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