Volkswagen wants to sell electric cars for 25,000 euros profitably. This is how you’ll make it

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Volkswagen wants to sell electric cars for 25,000 euros profitably.  This is how you'll make it

The financial director of the Volkswagen Group, arno antlitz, is “pretty sure” that the company will be able to sell electric cars for 25,000 euros in the middle of the decade. The goal is not just to offer its European customers relatively affordable zero-emission vehicles, but to do so cost-effectively.

Under the umbrella of the project small bev A family of four B-segment models is being developed: two utility vehicles (one from CUPRA and one from Volkswagen) and two SUVs (one from Skoda and one from Volkswagen). As the hatchback Volkswagen like the Skoda SUV will have a starting price of approximately 25,000 euros before aid.

“At the moment, we are pretty sure we can hit that price. There are many new features in the technical section. this car [Volkswagen ID.2] will have the first internally developed cells produced in our Valencia plant. Let’s go over there; we’ll have a lot more scale by then.

[También hemos visto una leve] improvement or relief in the cost of raw materials. Look at the lithium: it fell apart. Nickel also fell. So, from this perspective, we are pretty sure that we can achieve that goal of 25,000 euros and at the same time have a decent margin«.

CUPRA Urban Rebel Concept

Volkswagen will manufacture its access models in Landaben (Navarra) and Martorell (Barcelona)

thomas schafferCEO of the Volkswagen brand, believes that economies of scale will play in favor of its new electric vehicles based on the MEB Entry platform. “Now we can do a lot in terms of economies of scale. Within our group of volume brands, we are producing four vehicles together with CUPRA and Skoda. That volume will help us lower prices to be competitive and keep making money.”

From a technical point of view, all the models based on this new architecture will be identical, being available with two types of battery: a LFP (lithium iron phosphate) with 38 kWh of capacity and other NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) of 56 kWh. Both packages will use the group’s new unified prismatic cells. Its maximum autonomy will exceed 400 km WLTP.

Conceived exclusively with a front-wheel drive configuration, the four brothers will offer a power of 226 CV (166 kW) in their most performance versions (VZ in CUPRA, RS in Skoda and GTI at Volkswagen). As for the load, they will reach a peak of 11 kW in alternating current and 125 kW in direct current (10-80% in 20 minutes).

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