The Spanish brand EBRO wants to manufacture 50,000 electric vehicles a year in Barcelona

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The Spanish brand EBRO wants to manufacture 50,000 electric vehicles a year in Barcelona

The Spanish brand EBRO returns. After more than 30 years of absence, the manufacturer has come back to life at the hands of an electric pick-up with an unknown name that will begin to be manufactured during the fourth quarter of 2024 in the D-Hub in the Barcelona Free Zone; that is, in the old Nissan facilities.

Those attending Automobile Barcelona 2023, the event chosen to present the first prototype of the van, will have noticed that the new model is based on the Nissan Navara, which until recently was manufactured in said center. The choice of this base of recognized solvency is a guarantee of the smooth running of the project. Because?

Although any company can build a prototype, most Opening they crash when it comes to mass production. EBRO not only has a plant, but also all the necessary tools to assemble the pick-up; In addition, former Nissan workers are familiar with both the Navara and the production of electric vehicles, since the e-NV200 van came out of this factory.

EBRO plans to recruit a total of 150 people to its workforce, mainly in the sales and marketing areas, in the coming years. The firm, which has the backing of the famous presenter and adventurer Jesus CallejaIt will indirectly contribute to the hiring of some 1,200 employees from the reindustrialization pool of the Zona Franca plant.


EBRO will also manufacture an electric van

“It is a historic moment for us and for the automotive sector in Spain and Catalonia. EBRO marked an era in our country and contributed to the industrialization of one of the productive hearts of the sector»Explain Pedro CalefManaging Director of EBRO.

«Precisely now, after this heart that was the Barcelona Free Zone for so many decades came to a standstill, initiatives like ours are allowing it to recover its pulse. We have an exciting project that will generate jobs produce electric industrial vehicles that contribute to sustainable mobility also in the professional sector”.


The project, promoted by Jaton Racing, Api Brothers, Btech and Nexus Projectes, contemplates an estimated production capacity of 50,000 vehicles per year by 2027. In the EBRO range we will also find other models, including an electric van derived from the e-NV200.

The definitive pick-up will have two electric motors capable of offering 299 CV (220 kW) of power and a 100 kWh battery that will provide a range of 440 km. It will be approved for five passengers.


Compared to the original Navara, the EBRO proposal stands out for showing off a completely redesigned front (including round HELLA optics and a more aggressive bumper) and a slightly different rear end. Inside, the main change is found in the appearance of a generously sized touch screen.

A priori, EBRO’s seems like a realistic project with signs of becoming a reality. It has the necessary ingredients to achieve this: the brand is backed by several renowned companies, the technical development of its first model is well advanced (the prototypes have been running for at least a year), it has the productive means to bring its vehicles to market and the announced deadlines are realistic.