Toyota Sold Nearly 10.5M Cars In 2021 To Comfortably Beat VW Group


Last year, many manufacturers had production and delivery problems due to the disruption of different global industries. Some of them manage crises better, which gives them an edge over their competitors. It seems that Toyota got all the little details right and this is helping the Japanese automaker maintain its global sales crown in 2021.

Toyota just announced the results for last year and they are quite impressive considering the current chip shortage situation. The manufacturer managed to ship a total of 10,495,548 vehicles globally last year, beating the Volkswagen Group with sales of 9,305,000 across all brands. These numbers represent a healthy 10.1 percent increase for Toyota, while VAG saw a 4.5 percent drop in its shipments.

In an official press release, Toyota explained “the impact of the spread of COVID-19 is less severe than in 2020,” which allowed the company to significantly increase its production and sales last year. However, at this point, it is difficult for the automotive industry to predict how the spare parts supply trend will develop over the next 12 months.

The Volkswagen group, in turn, emphasized the number of electric vehicles it delivered last year. Through all its brands, VAG has almost doubled year-on-year BEV shipments to 452,900 units, which represented a 5.1 percent share of the German conglomerate’s total shipments last year.

It may be too soon to give Toyota the crown as the world’s largest automaker by number of cars sold in 2021, as there are no final and complete figures from General Motors and Stellantis yet. However, seeing how Toyota beat GM in the United States for the first time in nine decades, may signal the situation on a global level.

Stellantis sales in the US also fell last year by 2 percent to about 1.8 million vehicles, which may mean Toyota’s leadership is secure. However, we will wait for the full figures from GM and Stellantis until we can come to a final conclusion.


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