how much will it cost and when does it come out

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The famous French brand Renault presented its new city car with electric motor: let’s find out when it will come out and how much it will cost.

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The electric car segment is acquiring more and more market shares, representing a real step forward towards the ecological transition. The aim is to replace endothermic cars with electric vehicles, which are greener, more sustainable and cleaner. The increased attention of automotive causes is turning towards environmental sustainability.

The attention of institutions, governments, businesses and citizens towards environmental issues and towards health is greater and growing green mobility. The circulation of only electric and hydrogen cars is the desired goal by the year 2035. The adoption of “green” cars will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and definitively replace non-renewable energy sources with renewable ones.

Green cars in the limelight at the expense of endothermic cars

Over the past few years it has emerged that Europeans have bought more electric vehicles of those with diesel and petrol engines. This is a clear and evident demonstration that the ecological transition process has been underway for some time. This will mark the decline of endothermic cars, considered polluting and obsolete. The volume of diesel cars is clearly decreasing.

Renault launches its electric car: that’s what it’s all about

In line with the wishes of governments and institutions, the popular French car brand Renault is also aiming for launch of its green, clean and non-polluting city car. The famous R5, which made rallying history in the 1980s, is reborn in an electric version. A legend from the years of its heyday, which is now being revived by the French car manufacturer in the electric version. We are now almost at the launch: the prototypes have passed the tests and the time is ripe to witness the launch of an icon of the past revised in a green guise.

As announced by the CEO of Renaultthis electric toy is expected to be produced from the year 2024 and will be equipped with a 136 horsepower electric motor. The battery of this electric city car will have a range of 400 km and its list price will be equal to 20 thousand euros.

renault R5
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Renault pays attention to sustainability and cost reduction

In addition to the attention to green mobility, the French car brand aims at reduction of production costs and the achievement of economies of scale. The platform that will be used for the production of the R5 will allow the French brand to reduce and optimize production costs, using the same components for the manufacture of the Clio.